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Level UP Complete Budtender Education Program

Level UP is an e-Learning program written especially for Canadian budtenders who want to learn more: more about cannabis, how it works with our bodies, how it’s grown, how cannabis products are made, all the ways to consume it, and most of all, how to talk to customers about cannabis.

Level UP is divided into two courses: Cannabis 201 and Licensed Producers, Cannabis Products & Cannabis Consumption.  Either course can be purchased and consumed as a stand-alone course, but when you purchase both courses together, you’ll also get a bonus section featuring FAQs every budtender should know and how to answer customers’ questions in a way that’s compliant with Canadian regulations. 

Group Discounts & Payment Plans

We wanted to make Level UP affordable and accessible to as many budtenders as possible, so we’ve set up some ways to make it easier.

Each of Level UP’s courses can be purchased by itself or as part of the complete program. And each program has an available payment plan that doesn’t charge interest or penalties for making payments.

If you’re working with a team, group discounts on Level UP are available to groups of 4 or more people.

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Cannabis 201

The first course in the Level UP program goes beyond the basics you’d find in a Cannabis 101 class.  There are six sections in this course, covering the cannabis plant, the human body, and how those things work together.  As part of this course, we’ll cover the four main factors in a cannabis experience, and learn exactly why cannabis is so unique to each consumer. This course will give you the knoweldge and the language to speak confidently to your customers about cannabis and about a cannabis experience. This course is appropriate for budtenders anywhere in the world. 

Sections Include


A Brief History of Cannabis in Canada 


Plant Strains and Genetics


The Endocannabinoid System






The Entourage Effect

Licensed Producers, Cannabis Products, and Cannabis Consumption

In the second course in the Level UP program, you’ll learn about Licensed Producers of cannabis, how cannabis is grown, how cannabis products are made, and different ways to consume.  Then, we’ll take a look at how to read and understand labels, and talk about how to explain them to customers.

Sections Include


Licensed Producers in Canada


Dried Cannabis Consumption


The Basics of Cannabis Cultivation


The Basics of Cannabis Extraction


Extracted Cannabis Product Consumption


How to Read Labels

How to Compliantly Answer Questions and other FAQs

In this course, learn some of the things you’ll frequently be asked in a cannabis shop and how to answer them. You’ll also learn how to answer your customers’ questions and make recommendations in a way that’s compliant with Canadian regulations. As a bonus, you’ll get a downloadable PDF with the definitions of over 50 important cannabis-industry terms.

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