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My whole life has been a journey down the path of holistic wellness. A lot of that has involved figuring out what that means to me, since wellness is TRULY a personal pursuit, something that necessarily means different things to different people. This blog is a record of my journey–of the things I’ve learned, of the myriad questions that have appeared on my path, and the answers I’ve found along the way.

The content you’ll find here is a collection of the topics that I explore in my quest for wellness: natural herbs and remedies, food as medicine, feminine cycles and moon magic, working out and exercising, psychedelics, crystals, tarot and oracle cards, astrology, and of course, cannabis is at the forefront. Other topics will probably be introduced as I come across and explore them, and there’s about a 30% chance that this will evolve into something completely different in a few months. There’s also about a 20% chance I’ll get bored and quit…so let’s just get into it and see what happens.