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cannabis education for curious people

5 Dimensions of a Cannabis Experience

Explore the different ways you can be more intentional with your cannabis experience, through the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social elements of life.

Sex & Cannabis

Learn about how cannabis affects your body and your mind, as well as different ways to use cannabis in the bedroom, and how you can use it to explore your Erotic Self.

Cannabis Education

Each of our articles focuses on getting you the right information to fully appreciate and experience cannabis. Stir up your curiousity!

Delivering education that teaches you how to use cannabis as a tool to build your best life.

At Nelope, we’re passionate about the facts, and about offering accurate, engaging, and useful cannabis education that you can use every day to better your life. 

Want to learn more about cannabis? Nelope is here to help you experience on a whole new level.

Learn how to use cannabis as the tool it is.

Many people use cannabis – legalization brought many of us out in the open, and a great many people have tried it since Canada legalized, both medically and recreationally. But still, despite legal cannabis slowly rolling out around the world, getting your hands and minds on tangible, useful, accurate information on cannabis is still hard to come by, and it is even harder to know how best to decipher what is accurate information, or how best to put it into practice.

How Nelope can help you

If you’re using cannabis, or interested in using it for health, wellness, or enhanced life experiences, learning about the plant can help you learn about yourself. With Nelope, feel empowered that you have the answers at your fingertips, and the power to use them.

About Tabitha Fritz

Professional Cannabis Educator

Tabitha has been educating on cannabis for over a decade. With her background in developing business education and post-secondary course materials, you can be sure that everything you learn through Nelope will be solid, actionable information, with open sources that you can learn more from. Through Nelope, Tabitha offers engaging content developed for many types of learners to be put to use in many parts of your life. 

Our Approach

Accurate, but fun. Nelope values authenticity, and knowledge-sharing, with a side of facts that helps you think a little bit differently about your everyday experiences. It’s not just about learning and knowing, but about growing and applying this knowledge in your everyday life, with fun at the forefront.

Our Process

Nelope creates clear, understandable educational courses and workshops that allows you to take the knowledge and apply it effectively in various parts of your life. We create engaging modules you can do at your own pace, and are building a community at the core.

Our Framework

The 5 Dimensions of Cannabis Experience creates the fundamental foundation you need to start experiencing cannabis on a different level. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and courses!

Cannabis Education

How to Use the 5 Elements for Personal Growth

How to Use the 5 Elements for Personal Growth

In the workshop 5 Dimensions of a Cannabis Experience, we explore different ways of thinking about our cannabis experiences. When we're conscious consumers, aware of the way we’re using the plant, we take charge of the outcomes we’re looking to achieve. The 5...

How to use cannabis for sleep

QUESTION: My 72-year-old mother is taking 10mg of CBD in MCT oil every night before bed to help her stay asleep, but it’s not really working. She still wakes up every few hours, and doesn’t feel rested in the morning. Should we increase her dose? How can we help her...

Seeking balance as a way of being

Seeking balance as a way of being

Seeking balance is a journey, not a destination. It's a constant dance between our bodies, minds, and the world around us. In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of 'seeking balance' in our lives, how it relates to our endocannabinoid system, and the role...